Church of the Savior is a non-denominational Christian church founded in 1975 in Wichita,  Kansas.   Members of our congregation come from many different denominations.

Our Purpose: To worship and serve Jesus Christ together in love.

Worship With Us: Sunday Worship begins at 9:30am and is followed by a time of fellowship at 10:50 and Sunday School for all ages at 11:20am.

Contact Us: Our building is located in Wichita’s Riverside district at 875 Spaulding.    Call us at 316-263-2391 or email us at office@cotsks.com.

College Scholarships due May 31st

College Scholarship Program

Church of the Savior

The Board of Trustees has established a College Scholarship Program for youth of Church of the Savior attending Christian colleges and universities. Christian higher education is typically much more expensive than state universities, but many Christian colleges offer matching scholarship amounts for a church-awarded scholarship up to a defined limit. The support offered by the home church is thus doubled by the college.

College students have historically drifted away from their Church of the Savior (COTS) connections and involvement.  This program is one tangible link to help keep some of our college kids involved with and supported by their home church.

Applicants must submit a Scholarship Application form (see back) to the Scholarship committee by the last Sunday in May (31st).  Applications can be turned into the COTS office or e-mailed to office@cotsks.com.  They must consider COTS their home church and have attended regularly.  They will be asked to quote materials from their college which describe its Christian character. Applicants must be between the ages of 16 and 25, be admitted as a full time undergraduate student in an accredited degree program at a Christian college or university, and have a high school or prior college GPA of 2.0 or better on a 4.0 scale. Continuing college students must be in good academic standing with their college.

All qualified applicants that submit a completed application will be awarded an equal share of the designated funds available, up to the $1,000 maximum per student per year for up to four years. Awards will be paid by COTS directly to the Christian college or university for that student’s costs: tuition, housing, meals, fees, etc. No payments will be made directly to any student. This is a true scholarship meaning no repayment of any kind is expected.

The COTS Scholarship committee is comprised of three COTS members, one who serves on the Board of Trustees and two who are members at large.  Scholarship committee members may not have immediate family of college age or be contributors of over 20% of the scholarship fund during the period they serve on the committee.  Scholarship committee terms this year are for one, two, and three years. Each subsequent new member will have a three year term resulting in one new committee member each year. Scholarship committee members are appointed by the Board of Trustees.

The Scholarship Program is funded by designated gifts to COTS.  If there are no gifts in a given year, there will be no awards. All persons interested in giving to the scholarship fund are encouraged to make donations above their normal church contributions.  They may contribute by writing “scholarship fund” on the memo line of their donations.  Funds may not be designated to any particular student.  Donations may be made to the fund anytime during the fiscal year. The new year for the scholarship fund starts July 1 with the new fiscal year. Scholarship money will be dispersed once a year to the schools of qualifying applicants. Any funds not used in a given year will be carried over to be available in the scholarship process for the next year. All funds are equally divided between qualified applicants who submit completed applications. Information about scholarship fund balances and yearly awards will be provided to the church body by the Board of Trustees on a regular basis.


Scholarship Application Form

New applicants must submit this form to the Scholarship committee by May 31st, 2015. Applications can be turned into the COTS office or e-mailed to office@cotsks.com Renewing applicants just need to submit a copy of their transcript or grade record for the previous year.  You must consider COTS your home church and have attended in the past several years.  You must be between the ages of 16 and 25, be admitted as a full time undergraduate student in an accredited degree program at a Christian college or university, and have a high school or prior college GPA of 2.0 or better on a 4.0 scale.



Phone ___________________________________________ Alternate Phone________________

Birth date______________________________Social Security Number____________________

Email____________________________ Year in college this fall_________________________


  • Please provide photocopied evidence of your current GPA from the school you attended most recently.

Continuing college students, skip to the bottom of the form for the last three questions

  • If your college has a church match scholarship, you must submit the college forms with this application to receive the match.
  • Please answer these questions on a separate piece of paper and submit it with this application:

1. Do you consider Church of the Savior your church home? Please describe your involvement over the last 3 years with COTS including attendance and program participation.

2. Name the Christian college or university where you have been accepted and are enrolled as a student next year, and quote from their materials a description of their Christian character.

3. How many academic hours are you taking next semester or quarter?

4. How do you intend to stay actively involved in Christian life during your schooling?

5. Does your college or university offer a church-scholarship match? (The lack of a church match scholarship from your college will not change your eligibility for the Church of the Savior scholarship.  If you do have a church match, you must submit the forms from your college with this application to receive the match.)

Continuing college students only:

6. How many college credit hours have you completed?

7. Are you in good academic standing with your college?


8. Do you agree to get refunded or to repay the scholarship if you withdraw from college during the year?

The applicant hereby agrees to adhere to all rules of the process, agrees to whatever arbitration process we decide upon if necessary, and agrees that decisions of the board are final.

Signature of Applicant________________________________________ Date_______________

Senior Recognition Sunday

Senior Recognition Sunday is May 17th! We will celebrate our graduates together with festivities and frivolity.  If you consider yourself a graduate, please make sure the office is aware of your upcoming graduation achievement!


Men’s Retreat

Men’s Retreat Friday May 1st to Saturday May 2nd  at Westminster Woods.  Join together for fellowship and fun.  The camp is open to us 5pm on Friday until 4pm on Saturday.  Cost is $35 for the retreat.  Sign up this Sunday!




Holy Week

March 29 Palm Sunday

March 29 Passover Potluck Supper at 6pm – join us for a community meal and ceremonial Passover service

April 2 Maundy Thursday Prayer Vigil – a simple service at 7:30 and individual prayer for an hour throughout the night

Good Friday, April 3 at 7:00pm

In this service of darkness, we read together Christ’s last words from the cross and extinguish a candle after each one. Though it is difficult to reflect on Christ’s suffering, it is important to our understanding of his ongoing life in us. We invite you to share this meaningful service with your community.


Sunrise Service, April 5 at 7:00am (Breakfast at 8:00am)

This year our sunrise service will be a neighborhood outreach at our community garden at the corner of Gilbert and Waco streets. All are welcome to join us at 7:00am as we come together to praise God on the morning of his resurrection. It is sometimes chilly, so bring a jacket! Please plan to stay after the service to help us share a delicious Easter breakfast with folks from the neighborhood.


Easter Service, April 5 at 9:30am

Sunday worship service on Easter is a celebration of Christ’s death and resurrection on our behalf. Come join in as we share the truth of His new life! There will be choirs, dramatic readings, and music. But most of all we will take joy in God’s presence with His community. There will be preschool child care, but no Sunday school.

All Church Retreat!



The Tapestry of Shared Experiences


Westminster Woods

18487 Barber Rd

Fall River, KS 67047


Friday March 13th – Sunday March 15th

Property opens at 4:30p Friday.  Bonfire at 7:30p.  Stay as late as 3:30p on Sunday!

We will have a Sunday service in the morning.

What’s it Cost?:

$47 a person for the weekend or $15 for the day

food & lodging included * children under 6 free

*We will not let cost be a barrier to anyone going on the retreat – contact Cora at cora@cotsks.com about financial assistance*

What will we do?:

Eat, Play, Taize, Hike, Rope Course Challenge, Read, Nap, Pray Alone &Together,  Music, Unplug, Sleep In,

Stay up Late, Bonfire, Get to know each other, and Connect.